Sherwood Pool | Welcoming our Sherwood Guests
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Welcoming Our Sherwood Guests

Welcoming our Sherwood Guests

Making our guests feel welcome and assuring their safety is very important to our pool staff. You can help by making your guests (of all ages) aware of our pool rules. You'll find them posted on the website in the Members section or on the footer of each page. Here's a quick refresher on some important diving board rules to review with your guests:

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[li]When the diving boards are open, there shall be no swimming in the diving areas or sitting on the wall under the diving boards. [/li]
[li]Only one person allowed on the diving board at any time. The next person must wait at the bottom of the steps until the other person has gone off the board. [/li]
[li]No hanging or double bouncing on diving boards allowed. [/li]
[li]When the diving boards are closed, the diving area is open for swimming and no one is allowed on the diving boards. [/li]
[li]Divers must swim to the ladder after leaving the diving boards. [/li]

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