Sherwood Pool | Privacy
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Privacy Statement for the E.J. Disher Community Park / Sherwood Pool

The E.J. Disher Community Park/Sherwood Sharks respects and protects the privacy of our site's users. We collect no information from children and have adopted a safety policy of never linking digital images of children with any personal identification attributes.


We urge parents to monitor their children when linking away from this site and discuss with them the importance of never giving and protecting the confidentiality of personally identifiable information.


Additional safeguards are under review for Board of Director's approval. These will aid in preventing unauthorized access by non-members, to maintain data and site security, and managerial procedures for the appropriate levels of control as this site becomes operational.

While we have provided access security with passwords, we are only able to provide a security structure that relies on you to protect the password from non-member disclosure.


Please use our contact form to send comments, suggestions, or remarks about our site.