Sherwood Pool | Overall City Champions
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Overall City Champions

I'm sure most of you have heard through the grapevine or from friends so I'll keep this short but the Sherwood Sharks did bring back home the big City Meet trophy last night!

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from last night, if anyone has any we would love to see them!

I am so proud of all the Sherwood Sharks that could make it out to swim and cheer for us in the 2013 City Meet. We had awesome swims all day long and it makes us coaches so excited for championships. We love watching our swimmers compete. Y'all have been putting in lots hard work day in and day out in the water and it showed! Everyone looked fast and wanted to race yesterday. It's just like the saying; quality over quantity!

For those of you who missed out yesterday or could not stick around for the final scores here they are:

1. Sherwood Sharks: 394

2. Waterford: 289

3. Shallowford Lakes: 251

4. Jonestown Swim and Tennis: 171

5. Willow Run: 121

6. New Sherwood: 107.5

7. Kernersville Riptyde: 93

8. Chadwyck Flyers: 81.5

9. Longcreek Stingrays: 53

10. Forsyth Country Club: 24

11. Bermuda Run Country Club: 23

12. Arcadia Swim Club: 17

13. Salem Glenn Swordfish: 16

14.Elkin: 14

15. Brookwood Barracudas: 13.5

16. Brookside Barracudas: 9

17. Grandview Gators: 3

18. Clemmons West: 1


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