Sherwood Pool | Congratulations Sharks!
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Congratulations Sharks!

If you were unable to attend the banquet last night I'm sure you're dying to know the scores from championships. Here they are:

7. Grandview- 800

6. Brookwood- 1,160.5

5. Clemmons West- 1,727.5

4. Oak Valley- 1,741.5

3. Forsyth Country Club- 1,763.5

2. Willow Run- 2,183.5

1. Sherwood- 3,164.5

So congratulations to all my sharks big and small! You all did an amazing job this season and Max, Erle, and I are so proud of everyone.

Speaking of the banquet a big thank you again to Kim Fansler and all the volunteers who made this swim season possible! It's a lot of behind the scene work but we are so thankful for all our parents who put countless hours into helping out.

To borrow a line from the Discovery Chanel Shark Week promotion "It's a bad week to be a seal." I think it's also a bad week to be a dolphin, crazy duck, aqua demon, orca, or a barracuda!

**All trophies that did not get picked up last night will be left in the concession stand this week with a copy of the team picture! We will also sort through medals and ribbons this week and will put them in the swimmers folder in the ribbon box!

-Coach Anna

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